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Welcome to Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired, the ultimate multi-feature Android app that caters to the needs of visually challenged individuals. At Tech-Freedom, we understand that using technology can be a challenge for the visually impaired, and we have developed an app that simplifies tasks and enhances your digital experience.

Our app is free of ads and costs, and it’s compatible with Android versions ranging from 8 to 13.


Tech-Freedom offers a wide range of features designed to address the specific needs of visually impaired individuals. These features include:

App Backup

With Tech-Freedom’s app backup feature, you can easily take and share backups of your installed apps. Backed up apps are stored in the Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/App Backups directory, ensuring that your data is always safe and accessible.

Audio Editor

The Audio Editor is one of Tech-Freedom’s most popular features, allowing users to cut and merge audio files with ease. The output files are stored in the Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/Outputs directory, making it easy to find and access your edited audio files.

Cash Reader

Blind individuals often struggle to identify different currencies, making it difficult to complete transactions and manage their finances. Tech-Freedom’s Cash Reader feature addresses this challenge by using an AI neural network to detect currencies using your phone’s camera. Currently, Tech-Freedom supports Indian bank notes in the following denominations: 10 Rupee, 20 Rupee, 50 Rupee, 100 Rupee, 200 Rupee, 500 Rupee, and 2000 Rupee.

Document Converter

Tech-Freedom’s Document Converter makes it easy to convert PDF, office, and TXT files into other formats. The converted files are stored in the Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/Documents directory, ensuring that you always have access to your important files.

Document Reader

With Tech-Freedom’s Document Reader, you can read EPUB, Office, PDF, and TXT files with ease. You can open files from anywhere on your device, making it easy to access your documents wherever you go.

Document Saver

The Document Saver feature allows you to easily create TXT and PDF files from your text, which are stored in the Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/Documents directory. This feature is particularly useful for creating notes, memos, and other important documents.

Image Reader

Tech-Freedom’s Image Reader allows your images to speak to you directly. The app features both online and offline image readers, with the online reader providing the most advanced and accurate image processing capabilities. The offline reader, on the other hand, is designed to work even without an internet connection.

Instant Reader

The Instant Reader is a powerful feature that allows you to instantly read out the text in front of your phone’s camera. This feature is particularly useful for reading signs, labels, and other important information.

With Tech-Freedom’s Link Saver, you can save all of your important links in one place. This feature is particularly useful for keeping track of websites, articles, and other online resources.

My Player

My Player is a feature-rich media player that allows you to play both audio and video files on your device. With support for a wide range of file formats, My Player is a versatile tool for all your media playback needs.


Tech-Freedom’s Notepad feature allows users to create and save notes online. With this feature, visually impaired individuals can easily create and save their thoughts, ideas, and important information. The online notepad is accessible from anywhere and can be accessed with a single tap. Users can easily manage their notes by creating folders, renaming them, or deleting them.

Password Saver

Password Saver is another useful feature of Tech-Freedom. It allows users to save their account passwords offline. This feature is especially useful for visually impaired individuals who may find it difficult to remember their passwords. With Password Saver, users can store all their passwords in one place, and access them easily whenever needed.

PDF Reader

Reading PDF documents can be a challenging task for visually impaired individuals. However, with Tech-Freedom’s most accurate and fast PDF Reader, it is now easy to read PDF documents. The PDF Reader has many features to perform on your PDFs, such as copying, translating, saving, exporting, and sharing content very easily. It also has the ability to set bookmarks, making it easy to navigate through long documents. The PDF Reader can also open password-protected PDFs very easily.

In today’s world, PDFs are not created with just text, but are composed of scanned documents and images. With Tech-Freedom’s advanced and most accurate OCR engine, PDFs can be rendered very well, making it easier for visually impaired individuals to read them.

Text Translator

The Text Translator feature is used to translate text within 135 languages. This feature is useful for visually impaired individuals who may come across text in different languages. With Text Translator, users can easily translate any text they come across into their preferred language.

Video Editor

An accessible video editor is the dream of many visually impaired individuals. With Tech-Freedom’s Video Editor, this dream becomes a reality. The Video Editor includes features such as video cutting, merging, and converting video to audio. It also allows users to create videos from images. The output files are stored inside Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/Outputs.

Voice Recorder

Tech-Freedom’s Voice Recorder feature allows users to record audio on their devices. This feature is useful for visually impaired individuals who may need to record lectures, meetings, or other important information. The Voice Recorder feature is easy to use, and the recorded audio is stored inside Internal Storage/Tech-Freedom/Voice Recordings.

Voicify TTS

Voicify TTS is a TTS engine that detects the language of a given text and switches the engine and voice according to that language. This feature makes it easy for visually impaired individuals to listen to text in different languages.


In conclusion, Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired is a multi-feature android app that offers a range of useful features for visually impaired individuals. With its stable performance from android 8 to 13, ads-free and cost-free design, it offers users a convenient way to perform various tasks on their devices. From audio editing to document conversion, document reading, and cash detection, Tech-Freedom offers a range of features that make life easier for visually impaired individuals. Its user-friendly interface and ease of use make it a must-have app for all visually impaired individuals.

At Tech-Freedom, we are committed to providing visually challenged individuals with the best digital experience possible. Our app is optimized for search engine ranking, and our professional content is valuable to our users. Download Tech-Freedom now and experience the freedom of technology like never before.