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Our team

Welcome to Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired Team

We are a dedicated group of visually impaired students who are passionate about leveraging technology to make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals with visual impairments.

Our mission is to create innovative solutions that enhance accessibility, independence, and inclusion for visually impaired individuals, empowering them to navigate the digital world with ease.

Aaryan Kumar Andarpa

Role: Founder, Managing Director, Director of Technology

Aaryan is the visionary behind Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired. With a deep passion for technology and a keen understanding of the challenges faced by visually impaired individuals, he leads our team towards creating cutting-edge solutions that bridge the accessibility gap.

Anuj Sharma

Role: Deputy Managing Director, Director of Communication

Anuj is a skilled communicator who ensures seamless coordination within our team and effective communication with our users and partners. His dedication to our cause drives our message of empowerment and inclusivity.

Tanvi Trivedi

Role: Director of Marketing

Tanvi brings her creative flair to the team, spearheading our marketing efforts. Her innovative strategies help us reach a wider audience, raising awareness about our mission and inspiring more people to join our cause.

Aakash Chaudhari

Role: Director of Testing

Aakash is meticulous in ensuring the quality and reliability of our solutions. Through rigorous testing, he guarantees that our technologies are robust, user-friendly, and effective, providing a seamless experience to our users.

Hitesh K

Role: Director of Verifications, Secretary to the Managing Director

Hitesh plays a crucial role in verifying the accuracy and accessibility of our technologies. He also serves as the Secretary to the Managing Director, facilitating smooth operations and maintaining effective communication within our team.

Salman SK

Role: Director of Content

Salman is a wordsmith who crafts compelling content to convey our mission and impact. His storytelling skills help us share the stories of visually impaired individuals whose lives have been transformed by our technological innovations.

At Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired, we believe that technology should be a tool for empowerment, not a barrier. Our Android app is a testament to our dedication, providing practical solutions that enhance the daily lives of visually impaired individuals. Together, we strive to create a world where everyone, regardless of their visual abilities, can experience the full potential of technology.

Join us on this journey towards a more accessible and inclusive future. Let’s pave the way for Tech-Freedom for Visually Impaired!